Monday, 24 March 2008


What is wrong with folks? We at The P are concerned that certain folks are getting mighty upset about some of the comments P have been leaving on their precious blogs.
That is sad...and pathetic.

P says this:
Don't take your selves so seriously; what you write is 99.9% crap anyway - so if The P or any othr folk come on and post messages which are a tad critical, or take the mick - then don't let it screw your whole life up.

Some folks are even removing posts they don't like.

Why? The answer is simple: they lack self-esteem; they lack comfort in own skin; anything that smacks of criticism pierces their little iron shell. They are unable to take these witticisms because they take themselves too seriously.
Are they honestly only content with apple-pie and custard messages? Messages that give them comfort; that lather their egos or agree with all that they say?

Do they need safety and constant support? Do they need all this boring stuff?
That is pathetic but.........hysterically funny.
The P is here to provide an alternative. Nothing can upset, or shake the P.
Pineapples cannot be shamed.

Saturday, 22 March 2008


The problem with British Society? Not enough Boxing.

Ernie Shavers had it right: teach kids to punch hard and our community will benefit. It's for the sake of us all.

Look - Kids are brought up in a culture that tells them to drink to excess - getting paralytic is an end in itself - an achievment - a laugh - a rights of passage.

They end up scapping after a booze anyway, so why not teach them how to fight, but without the drink?

P is sick of drunkeness in UK society. Boxing will help us eradicate this sickness.

Listen Folks.....the Wisdom of The P.

P's kid was getting bullied by a big-mouthed - lard-arsed kid in school: name calling, slapping his head, kicking. So P showed His lad how to punch - how to calmly wait for lard-arse to come at him, side-step and WHACK-A-MUNDO !! P advised little P to take the initiative: to seek out larde-arse.

Kid P - went looking for lard-arse - challenged lardie to a scrap - arrange a time, a meeting place.

Time arrived - little P waited - lardie turns up with 20 mates - charges at little P - little P steps back - times his punch and lardie walks straight onto his right over the top; lardie falls, little P grabs his head and knees him in the teeth; falls on floor - two quick punches into his face.


Lardie's friends all intervene to pull little P off.

Little P - never bullied again.

Mr P advised little P to then go and look for lardie arse again - to remind him of what he's got coming if he crosses his path: just a little tap on his jaw - a little shave with his knuckle. Little P said he would leave it at that. Shame.

Now little P's all box- are members of an excellent club.







Friday, 21 March 2008

Learn from The P

The P is here to help - to teach - to nulify non-wisdom. This Blog will incorporate many things - much of which will be Wisdom of the P.

The P is an anarcho-syndicalist co-operative and there will be many contris from Brother P's...adding to the Wisdom.