Sunday, 16 November 2008


The Jury go out.

P has a little chat with our teacher – he presses me for my opinion – I say “It’s all gone very well…but one never knows” – he then recounts some of the things I said in my closing – “Herculean strength” – “the message a guilty verdict would send to society”. He liked it all – some of his friends compliment P on the way the cross-examination was carried out – “very clever” – “you nailed it”.

I say nothing more.

Anyway – these are tense times – I hate the wait whilst the Jury is out.

P goes for a wander – a swift walk around the Court – then out into the park – keeps his eye open for the nutters – just in case they want another pop. I can’t go too far in case the verdict comes back.

So I give it half an hour.

As I walk back into Court the usher is waiting at the door – “Verdict is in”.

We take our seats; I look around at our teacher – he is ashen faced – gives me a nod – his family are all there – in the public gallery – tense – apprehensive.

In they walk – 12 good men and true.

The Foreman stands and we have the usual verbal formalities. I maintain an impassive expression throughout.

Verdict is announced: “Not Guilty”.

The Jury look at me and I retain the expression – win or lose – the same impassive expression. It’s my shield.

There is a bit of a commotion and I turn to see our teacher standing to his feet – gives me the thumbs up – beaming – I also see the headmaster storming out of the Court – with some others.

Outside I speak to the teacher – he is overwhelmed – his wife and friends are hugging and kissing him and then they all gather around – thanking me, shaking my hand – unsure whether to hug me too – they fidgit and decide not to. There is talk of champagne and celebrating. But not for me.

As I go to leave the teacher says to me; “The little bastard deserved it….the little shit.”

With that.

I go back to the Robing Room to get changed and to think things over.



Law Minx said...

OOOO NOOOOOOOOOO!! Dont tell me he actually DID the dirty deed?!?!?! I can't BEAR the thought!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

perhaps he was referring to the champagne, just some light hearted banter? These defendant chaps can sometimes be a scream from what I've seen.

My Other Blog said...

Oh no!
Well - you know what they say - that it's far better that 1,000 guilty men go free than 1 innocent man be convicted.
I'm sure you feel this old saying is a load of crap.
What a bummer....

Ms. Moon said...

Pondering. Pondering.
Give us the rest.

Swiss Tony said...

Nice twist to the tale, but the teacher is right, the little shit did deserve it.

Go P go


Tamara said...

where's the starting comment from you, P?

Lost said...

If you think that he has just told you that he has done it, dont you have a duty to disclose this?

Double jeopoardy laws have changed now haven't they! So is there a possiblity of a retrial?

MikeP said...

I guess the truth comes out in the end?!

Considering that his employer took him to court, I can't imagine that the teacher will not resign from that school. Will he have to disclose the case if he applies to other schools? Clearly his employer would not forward a letter of recommendation.

Geeklawyer said...

Oh!! you have a blog! how sweet. And what *oratory* you exhibit before the jury. I imagine you win lots of really really really important interesting cases. Well DONE!!!

Mr Pineapples said...

Minxta - not saying anything....must wait

Rocknlaw - too clever by far - even P aint that Bright

My other blog - you got it right - our justice system works...mostly

Ms Moon - you still pondering

Swwz Tone - P is going to explain all...wonder what you'll think then

Tamara - I dont understand any of that - please elucidate

Lost - will explain all

MikeP - doubt that he has to disclose this 'cos he was not convicted (though not too sure)

GreekLawyer - oh dear did P's comments upset you? Thin skinned?But...thanks for kind words - you are right - P is great in front of a jury.

boXer girl said...

A person's true color will inevitably show - eventually.

electro-kevin said...

I wait with bated breath ...

Make Mine A Pimms said...


I'm looking forward to the next post.

I'm back from my months off from the blog world. Forgive me please Mr P. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Sorry, kaffir, I still didn't get the comments you attempted to put on my blog. Please try again. I saw the headers but Mailwasher deleted them before I had a chance to read any. Sorry!

Vodka Mom said...

you won! Not sure if it was good, however.