Wednesday, 23 July 2008


That's what she told me before I was dumped.

"You are addictive but no good for me.....goodbye".

And she did dump me - flicked onto the rusty scrap heap - one week before the wedding.

Seven days - rushing like a blue arsed fly - cancelling all the arrangements and all that krap. Mind in a daze – like a dream - a nightmare - dead man walking.

I then skidded into a downward spiral of grief. Yes - grief - I tell yee. And what a time that was (and it lasted over 2 years)... when I thought: - well - that's my life buggered up entirely; nothing's going to go right from now on.

Trouble was - I'd moved country - changed jobs - said goodbye to all my friends and family - big farewell party - good wishes - high hopes - speeches - high-fives - shed a few happy tears to start this new and exciting life and Great Expectations. At last Mr P had found His dream girl - this was the ultimate.


On His Arse - dumped completely - in a strange land and far away from all that I'd known and loved. And the world - slipped off it's axis.

The word on the street: it's all his fault - he's finally got his come-upance. So much humble pie eaten.

Such a long time ago now - and the memories have finally lost their sting....well almost. I look back and can still sense the unfocused bewilderment.

Sorry for getting so maudlin on you P Club....but do you know what? Thank God she dumped me. Me the loved and famous Mr P - grateful for that mighty kick in the teeth...for the years of confusion, sadness and bewilderment.

Why is P raising this spectre after these years?


But - don't you all find that life has so many disappointments - which in the moment seem so catastrophic but in the fullness of time turn out to be pure gold?

When fully accepted they form our character and provide that empathy to understand what other folks go through. Otherwise we are oblivious to struggle and harden our hearts in a pain free cocoon.

Don’t you find that?

That girl thought I was something I wasn't and would never have accepted the Real Mr P; a recipe for misery and constant strife.

Good-bleedin' riddance - and I say that without sour-grapes - but with the realisation of a lucky escape. At the time - it was a crushing blow - but in hindsight - pure miraculous intervention.

You got to give it to her though eh? "You're just like nicotine" - bloody brilliant.


Ms. Moon said...

Mr. P, that was a fine post and filled with truth and hard-earned wisdom.
And yes, what a great quote.

monkey said...

Mr P, i agree for all the crappy things that i have done and had done to me i would not change. These things have made me who i am and shaped the monkey well.
great post, i once had a girlfriend compare me to Marmite!! love to hate.

Law Minx said...

My Dear P,

*Sigh!!* The Grand Passions of Youth! She must have been quite the siren so as to have you still in watery chunks, as it were ( you bieng a pineapple, and all) after all this time! I reminded of all those lovely old romantic black and white films when it comes to that final, fatal comment...! (*goes off to wring out kleenex in corner*)

boXer girl said...

I totally believe in evolution. That doesn't mean I leave who I am behind, it means I am more than I was.

And yes, what an absolute great quote.

Gotta say, Mr P, this is a fantas-fabulous post. Thank you!

Mr Pineapples said...


Ms Moon - would you have me? I am in need of a stapping young lady States-Side.

Monkey - Marmite eh? My kids get through pots of it.

Minxtaaa - yep - she was some gal...would have made P very unhappy though.

Boxer-babe - I think we are of one mind about this.

Ample said...

it is odd how life seems to knock us sideways POW! right into the good stuff, back onto the right track.... course it still freekin hurts like hell, but whatever.... lucky for it just the same.

and of course, you have us now, so all IS well. We do love you Mr Pineapples ;)

electro-kevin said...

I had a kick in the teeth 8 years ago.

It was all my fault.

It's still as raw now as then. Largely because the consequences of it are in my face every day.

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