Saturday, 30 August 2008


I can:

1. Click my tongue so loud that it sound like a shot-gun going off. It's amazing.

I get folks to sit quietly and then - "POW" - I click it. Always - always - always - they are amazed. P used to be a bit of a busker on the streets when He was a kid - and used the click to punctuate songs. The click can be heard 100s of yards away.

Awesome skill.

2. P can wiggle His ears. Totally brilliant skill. Some folks can wiggle theirs but they have to move the muscles in their faces to do it.

Mr P?

Just pure ear wiggle. No face interaction.

Folks are amazed.


Fear The P and His Skills.

I wonder what talents you have?


Ms. Moon said...

My amazing skill, Mr. P, is the ability to cook an amazing meal under almost any circumstance you could imagine.
I'm sure I have others but at this moment I can't think of what they would be.
Oh wait! I'm an excellent dancer. Absolutely excellent.

Law Minx said...

My Dear P I can click my tongue,too - perhaps we should have a contest to see who makes the louder noise! I can also roll it up into a sausage roll and fold it in half.
I can also disclocate the thumb on my right hand.
This scares people to DEATH.

The Old Tarf said...

I can wiggle my middle finger on both hands. I can also pull my finger and fart on demand.

Alok said...

None ever so close to match yours ... I am truly amazed :))


electro-kevin said...

I can lick my own nose.

I have a double-jointed thumb.

I can do some nifty close-up magic too.

Fiona said...

I speak Luxembourgish which is really useful.

Vodka Mom said...

I can still do a split.

I can tie 20 pairs of shoes - double knotted- in two mintues.

I can fly across the room with a garbage can in less than 30 seconds without knocking over any kids.

Put me in a room with 24 five-year-olds for 2 hours, and I can tell you who’s an only child.

I can keep a straight face when Jack tells me the reason he is scratching is because his penis is stuck in his booty.

I can take a smackdown from some unknown blogger from London, and not let it get me down.

Mr Pineapples said...

Well what a bunch of wierdos we all are.

Ms Moon - so when Me and Little P's come over what-cha-goin-to cook us?

Minxya - P cant roll His tongue - and I can guarantee the P's click is louder.

Tarf - fart on demand? Who keeps demanding? That is plain wierd

Alok - when's your next poem? I keep checking.

Kevo - you sure you aint that bloke from Kiss?

Fiona - you what? I cant even understand Glaswegian let alone Luxembourgish. I bet that Luxem bourgish is useful in the Highlands.

Vodka Mum - who is Jack? He sounds like a bleedin' nightmare. And who is this unknown blogger from London? Do you want Mr P to sort him out for you? Just say the word.

The Troll said...

I can allow my dog to bite into my naked forearm firmly enough so that I can lift her off her feet. She weighs about 95 pounds.

The first few times I tried this there was a good deal of bleeding as she would bite down harder when suspended.

But now, with patient training (and scar tissue) we can do this trick without breaking the skin.

Mr Pineapples said...


You are to be admired.

Thank you for sharing this with us. My dog only bites the neighbour's kids.

Vodka Mom said...

hey- where ya been? I've missed you.

like i miss my mother- in law. HA

World Champ Stephen Neal said...

Don't you mean "100 meters?"

Swiss Tony said...

I must be one of lifes underachievers.

I tried the dog trick. I am now typing one handed.

I tried the cooking trick but have food poisoning

I clicked my tongue and it is caught in some kind of spasm and I can't talk.

I can't even tie one pair of shoeslaces, thank goodness for slip'ons

I put myself in a room with 24 five year olds and am now deaf.

So thanks Mr P for making me aware of just how incompetent I really am.

I will be working on my Luxumbourgish, seeing as there isn't much else I can do from this hospital bed.

Although it may be easier to try being able to fart on demand.

Fffhhrrrgggtttt. Whoops!


electro-kevin said...

I can also down a pint of ale in under 2.5 seconds.

MJ said...

You're all brilliant.

I have no place here amongst you.

Spanky said...

Very nice ^.^

I don't know if you noticed, but I replied to your comment from a long time ago on my blog... I don't know if you ever looked.

I have some new posts, feel free to check them and comment on them eh?