Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Girls - Boys Further evidence

Here's another example:

For all you PAEDOPHILES who are finding their way onto this post - because you have searched for "Boys and Girls" on the internet: let me tell you - you are being tracked. You are ill.

You are not normal - you look it - but you know DEEP INSIDE that there is SOMETHING NOT QUITE RIGHT...with you

You scum-bag suckers.

Little girl P's love doing their homework and have organised a homework chart - which they fill in and tick off when the work is done.

Little boy P's?

"Homework....explain that one to me again.."

The other day - P is working on the computer early. Little P lad comes in - hands me a filthy piece of paper, obviously been used to grease the hamster cage.

He says:

"Farth....fill this's important for school."

I says:

"What is it and when has it got to be in by?"


"It's my selection of my subjects for GCSE (exams) for next year and it had to be in by last week...and so you musnt hold it has to be completed right now."

I says:

"Hey this is important...and we need to think about it..."

He says:

"Why are you holding me up? This form has to be in...."

See what I mean....


I'm a girl said...
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boXer girl said...

It's reassuring (in a freak crazy sort of way) to know that all kids, no matter which country they reside, are the same ...

Law Minx said...

I do think that little boys bloom academically, and often physically, a lot lot later than girls and suppose its just a question of bieng quietly patient and encouraging when they show signs of wanting to pick up a good book rather than pick up the playstation.
One of my cousin's boys is at precisely the same stage; he's extremely sporty and excels at Table Tennis ( in fact hes gunning for 2012) but is also Excellent in nmatters related to the sciences and mathematics; he's been invited to do a couple of GCSE's early and is MOST reluctant because he is, and I quote " Worried that my mates will think Im a Wet Ponce"
How to deal with such pressures eh?
Rather you than me!

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Children, yes the real beauty in the world. What is next for Mr. Pineapples?


Anonymous Boxer said...

Yes we are, aren't we?


BBC said...

Hey Bloke (who runs this blog) - you need to get a hobby outside of bloggin; your arse off.

Hey, I have plenty of hobbies and interests and keep busy at them. I just blog because I'm driven to.

Trubes said...

Hi Groovy Pineapples:

Girls do seem to develop physically and mentaly faster than boys...but the boys invariably catch up later .it is a well known fact that generally speaking, men do earn higher salaries than women.


PS. I've posted a little tale on my site about Mothers-in-Law.

electro-kevin said...

Our boys have been away with gramps for nearly two weeks.

Unbelievable and forgotten bliss ! Even though I've still been at work it's the best 'holiday' I've had in ten years.

My wife and I get on so well now. There's no squabbling, fighting, bickering, mess, noise, social restraints or time scheduling ...

I wish I could say that I'm looking forward to having them back but really I'm not.

Anyone want to buy 10-year-old twins ?

Vodka Mom said...

did you fill out the damn form????