Thursday, 25 September 2008


The second witness for the prosecution was a young support teacher who was in the class with our teacher when all this kicked off. In this sort of special school -each class must have two teachers present.

Her evidence was that our teacher did not handle the situation in accordance with the restraining method of “Team-Teach”, which gives instructions on how to deal with unruly kids.

Her evidence was that:

-He grabbed him (the boy) around the back of the neck (not allowed by “Team Teach”);
-Threw him out of the classroom in a very violent and dangerous manner;
-Continued to abuse the boy outside of the classroom.

She got into the witness box.

Trouble was – she was such a nice ordinary girl – one who commands the sympathy of decent folk i.e. the jury. Her manner was hesitant, a little timid, but nonetheless forthright.

No point laying into her – the jury would hate me and be embarrassed for her. Best I could do was to lay some incendiary devices and detonate them later in my closing speech.

So I ask her some questions:

Grabbing boy by the back of the neck

“Was the boy violent and aggressive?”

“Yes - he was dreadful.”

“Were you frightened?”

“Not frightened but concerned for the other boys in the class.”

“They need protecting and important to get him out of the classroom?”

“Yes, very important.”

“The safety of the others was a priority?”


It all happened so quickly?”


“To operate perfectly within Team Teach, can be very difficult, with such an aggressive violent boy? We can’t expect teachers to get it 100% perfect.”

“No, it’s not easy

Threw him out of the classroom in a very violent and dangerous manner

“Why didn’t you help Mr Jones (our teacher – not real name) in dealing with the boy?”

“I had to control the other boys.”

“Quite rightly, and you had a major task to contend with? Could have got out of hand very quickly?”

“Yes, very easily”.

“Had to focus on the other boys?”


“Watching them was important at that time?”

“Yes – I was worried what might happen.”

“More focused on them than what was happening between Mr Jones and the boy?”

“I had to be”

“You didn’t see the boy being picked up and hurled out of the room did you?”

“No but I saw him lying on the floor outside as if he had been pushed”

“As if he’d been pushed. So you didn’t see him being thrown or pushed out of the room?”

“No – but its obvious he had been pushed”

“Given the general mayhem and his aggression he could have fallen over by accident?”

“It’s possible.”

Continued to abuse the boy outside of the classroom

You stayed in the classroom to protect the other boys?”


“Didn’t venture out?”

“No – I had to keep the boys in the classroom”

“And there was lots of yelling outside?”


“The boy and Mr Jones?”

“Yes – and others”

“So – lots of voices – all a bit confusing?”


“You didn’t see Mr Jones abuse the boy, verbally or physically because you were in the classroom focused on the other boys.”

“No I didn’t – but I was told about it.”

“Who told you?”

“The Headmaster.”

“I wont ask you what he said, but you personally didn’t see what went on outside?”


I thought she was a well-meaning teacher but had been subjected to a little persuasion. I was very content with how her evidence went and she was non-the wiser – I had not attacked her – called her a liar – or tried to wreck her story.

It required stealth.


Ms. Moon said...

Oh, Mr. P. You are so crafty. If I am ever in the Mother Country and need legal advice, I am calling you!

electro-kevin said...

Would you recover all this from the stenographer ?

I'm not sure the jury would have spotted these contradictions so I suspect your closing speech is where all this will emerge.

My Other Blog said...

I think I'll call you if I need legal advice in MY country.

BBC said...

Yeah, he is so crafty, ha ha ha.

Tamara said...

Very admirable, Mr P. I hope I never end with you representing someone I sue. In fact, I just hope I never have to sue. Or get sued. You get the point.

boXer girl said...

Very impressive. I like the way you quietly and craftily lay those incendiary devices ...

Vodka Mom said...

you're very smooth. and good. and, perhaps, very bright.


good luck big fella.

Thud said...

Fascinating stuff....more please.

Marjorie said...

More, More. Don'tleave us hanging...

Trubes said...

Come along Mr Pineapples we need more.....


Anonymous said...

Does anybody here not recognise bullshite when they read it?