Sunday, 13 April 2008


P lovers - this topic is Big....and will be devoped by The P.

Sad French people are wont to say that the British cannot cook - that their culinary skills are non-existent.Why do they say this?

Answer = because we the Brits have kicked their gallic arses in wars and skirmishes -(so many times) and rescued them from the Nazis...if it werent for us (the Brits) the Frogs would all be speaking German now.The Frogs are embarrased by this and have a pop at the only thing they think they excell DELUSIONAL MUPPETS.

Anyway P digresses.

It's a Fact that the most marvelous food is Indian Food (which was invented by the Brits anyway, and is now our official cuisine).

Mr P has eaten at many fine restaurants and has an excellent chef at home (Italian). But it is a fact that Curry is a is not just a food. Okay - P accepts that He has had more spectacular food experiences at Italian and in English restaurants BUT P Lovers, nothing can beat the Curry.

The aroma of a Vindaloo is as captivating and hedonistic as anything this world has to offer.

What can be better than:

- popadoms and assorted pickles to start
- onion baji as first course
- prawn vindaloo
- a chapati or two
- pilau rice
- brinjal baji

Nothing can beat that. Time passes...time passes....time passes....until someone says "Mr Dear P, when did we last have a curry?" Are those imortal words ever uttered in connection with any other cuisines? Never.

What can crack the heart-strings more than a bowl of Tindaloo or Phal?

- You can stick your French food - pretentious and overpriced
- Italian is okay (and P should know - He is Italian - although the fish is very good)
- USA food = Burgers and fries....with triple sized portions. No-wonder 98% of Americans are obese.
- Chinese - okay P accepts that this is a close second to Indian

But P lovers - all Indian food is magical....the excitement in seeing that curry trolley approach the table...the dizzy, heady excitement. The build of tension as time without a curry acumulates.

The British have the greatest restaurants - the Curry Houses of Britain are one of the wonders of the world. Those who disagree are either ignorant or in denial.


Preach it P


Mr Pineapples said...

Good Gawd P your Wisdom holds no bounds.

Grundy said...

Grundy thinks you should try a Welsh curry. Half rice, half chips. It's an experience.

Mr Pineapples said...

Grundy - are you talking about a

"'half an' half"

Mr P has indeed had one of those in Cardiff and in Newport.

Wales is possibly one of the curry capitals of the world.

Thank you for contributing so wisely to this debate.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr P,

Whilst I largely concur with your sentiments as to the Great British Curry Affair, I must take a little umbridge as to your choice of menu.
I would, of an evening out, choose the following:

GARLIC popadoms with assorted pickes.
Prawn Puree with Chapati or, in the alternative Shami Kebab (again with Chapati)
Chicken Biriani (as opposed to your suggestion of a Vindaloo, given that I prefer to have some skin left on the roof of my mouth at the end of a meal) Keema Nan
Sag Aloo
Kulfi to finish.
By the way, given that you are, as learned counsel, simply LOADED, you're paying.....

Mr Pineapples said...

Minxter....I just knew are a posh bird..

Shami Kebab? Bleedin' hell - they only serve that at the Ritz dont they?

Truth is - Mr P has gone beyond the vindaloos - would prefer a phal but not often serve these days.

Oh - and I have jacked in being a barrister and have taken up chimney sweeping.

All the best

Mr P


Chell said...

Just read your message on the fine the way you write, refering to yourself in the 3rd person is always funny :-)
pop by my blog again if you get a gap..
Keep well

Anonymous said...

I am SERIOUSLY impressed, Mr P - bieng a Chimney Sweep is evidently FAR more lucrative than a career at the Bar, which means that you are EVEN MORE loaded and will, therefore be perfectly prepared (gentleman that you are)to stump up the EXORBITANT cost of such a menu ( particularly since it will involve the imbuement of several bottles of Krug....)

Mr Pineapples said...

Ah.....CURRY debates - this is what we need.

Chell - it is so excellent to have you on the P blog. I see you love your boyfriend.....Can Mr P now become your boyfriend? Is there an application form? Mr P also has some dark glasses....and would be happy to wear them at all times.

Minxter - is Krug - one of those Danish largers? He finds that the fizzy drinks never help a curry.


Jayne said...

Each weekend (i.e. Friday in this part of the multiverse), my hubby spends many hours in the kitchen, preparing & then cooking mouthwateringly divine Indian dishes. Last week we had a very authentic chicken tikka masala. Tonight, we will be having something just as delicious, which reminds me.....I'd better start chopping the onions & garlic..........
Nice post Mr P :-)

cat said...

Mr. P. "The Indiana" that you reference to is in the United States. It's more so in the Mid-West of the country, but in no way is a country of it's own.

We don't ever have earthquakes here that is why it is such a big deal. Last time we had one was 20 years ago. We are mostly a tornado state and start to get them in May til October thru the summer months.

Mr Pineapples said...

Oh Cat - My Dearest Cat...

Mr P was pulling your leg - winding you up - He did indeed know where Indiana was (and still is).

Didnt John Wayne live there once with the Apaches?

Is it a nice place to live?

Apart from John Wayne and you....what is it famous for? Mr P is now very interested in Indiana.

"Indiana wants me....Lord I cant go back there......"

Mr Pineapples said...

Jayne - that is a brilliant post and one that adds significantly to this debate.

To have ones own curry chef is very impressive....very.

Mr P has tried doing His own curries (straight from Mada Jafris' book) and it always ends up like stew with curry powder.

cat said...

what are we Famous for you ask? Corn.....that's freakin CORN!

Many farms, but No John Wayne's that further west.

I have been reading your blog since you posted.....I have to say at first you got me, but now I HAVE YOU Mr. P!

And glad too.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Mr P - Krug is an exceptionally FINE " Danish" Fizzy Drink(nudge nudge, wink wink); I do find it to be a rather excellent accompaniment to the Ritz -style Sharmi Kebab, or, in the alternative, a rather nice Chicken Kebab ( which comes in a very tasty,crispy Nan with sweet green chili and half a lemon) from a jolly good greasy spoon type place along Tottenham Court Road... Yum.....

Amy said...
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amy j. said...

I will definitely be wary of the fields. Thanks for the heads-up. Insert cool smiley face here.

Law Girl said...

I would substitute the prawn vindaloo for mirchi.

But Italian food "okay"?????

Ma che scemo! Get yourself to Semplice while they're on top table's offers.

Mr Pineapples said...

hey Law-Babe - where ya bin?

You and Minx are just two posh birds slummin' at the P Blog.

What the bleedin' 'ell is a mirchi?

See? -Posh bird. They dont sell no mirchi down my tandoori.

Listen - P gets Italian food every in day out.

It can never beat a curry. That is a fact.