Sunday, 6 April 2008


Mr P is going to develop this theme P lovers; but sufice to say these "spiritual" folk make Mr P want to puke. If He were the sea there would be buckets of detritus along the beach at the very thought of these idiots.

What is it We hate about these toe-rags? Let us list the ways:

1. The "spiritual" assume they are getting in touch with something (inside? outside? in the heavenlies?). It fosters a feel-good feeling that neuters action. The world cries out all around them but they slumber in their spirituality; enjoying the cosy and smug sensations. Dumb idiots.

2. Vague thoughts of birds, the green planet, love of the whole of mankind - is their mantra. What Bollocks and a cop out for real living.

3. Spirituality is entirely subjective: anything can count. They create god in their own images; chuck in a few birds, the ozone-layer and there you have it "spirituality". It's pure self-indulgent bilge - an intellectual opium.

4. Tossy celebrities are “spiritual” and that says it all. They have wealth, fame but are empty inside; spirituality adds the icing on the cake to salve their consciences. A couple of visits abroad with all expenses paid, pictures of them with the suffering - that is all it takes. Lady Diana - now there was a spiritual person if I ever saw one. She had a big nose as well.

5. Mr P sees blogs that are “spiritual” – and the authors are without exception: vain, smug, weak and self-obsessed. They have a form of godliness without any of its power; their spirituality is form without substance.

If you are a spiritual person then get your head from out of your own backside now.

Repent right away.


travistee said...

Alright, Mr. P. enough of who you dislike.
I want to know who you DO like?

Law Girl said...

Ah, nice to have you back, even if you do seem to be in a foul mood!

What's the deal with this?!

Mr P needs to chiiiiiiiiilllllllllll.....spiritual-style

Anonymous said...

*Solemnly chants Mantra at Sunset with sound of WindChimes tinkling delicately in the background* "OMMMMMMM - The P has Spoken, OMMMMMMM- Thr P has Spoken".......

Law Girl said...

minx you crack me up!

Lacrimosa said...

is that the groupie section? where does one sign up?

Mr Pineapples said...

Lacrimosa - you certainly know how to hurt a chap. "Groupie"?

The truth is that "Law Girl" and "Law Minx" are the same person - she sometimes calls herself "Andriod".

She is my bleedin' EX WIFE...for Gawd's sake.

She never gives up on chasing me -I have even changed my name (I used to be called "Mr Pomegranate" (my favourite fruit)...still she finds me...going on about the kids, dogs and the bloody carpets.

She is driving me Mad!

Bleedin' Mad...I can't shake the crazy bint off-me.

Any ideas?

Mr Pineapples said...

Oh My Gawd...I have just realised who Lacrimosa is:

She's my bleedin' EX-WIFE AN-ALL.

By the way - I tried to get on your blog to chat you up - but you dont just let any-old person on do you?

Anonymous said...

.... My Dear P,
Calm DOWN, Dear!
(The Ex Wife known as Lawminx, or , in the alternative, She Who Must Be Obeyed)

Lacrimosa said...

Mr Papaya, that is what my mother taught me, "Never just let any old person on ya"
especially not one with multiple ex-wives.

Mr Pineapples said...

Oi Laccrimosa

Why cant I be a part of your gang? You would love Mr P if you really knew Him.

Dont know what-chor-missin-girl

Lacrimosa said...

Mr Peach, my "gang" is a very very illustre circle and very hard to get into.

What one never knew one cannot ever miss,right?

Have a pleasant weekend