Sunday, 20 April 2008


Yea Baby

Dear Followers of The P. Many of you ask:

"P - do you live a life like us ordinary folks?".

Well - P sometimes can live like you all. Here's what happened in the last few days -decide for yourselves.

Friday - gets to Court real early - P is chuffed with himself - He is on time. Court usher says "P - the case is at another Court". P arses it across London to this other Court. (P is a Barrister at the moment......but 'cos He uses phrases like "arses it across London...", He is not true Barrister is changing career soon). Has already purchased the brushes and a pair of swimming goggles.

Arrives at Court across London - finds case is delayed by three bleedin' hours; P paces back and forth like a caged Lion - loses weight. P successful at Court - but told off by Judge for speaking too of the parties is foreign and cant understand a bleedin' word P says.

Friday EVENING - P trains hard at His gym (P has gym at home). Goes out with The Mrs for a curry with four friends - gets to bed at 2.30 in morning.

Saturday - P works on a skeleton for Court on Monday. Does a great job.

Saturday EVENING - Little P is fighting in London against a kid from Tottenham; Little P wins unanimously - but has tendancy to drop right hand when jabbing. P advises wisely - Little P keeps hand up throughout.

Saturday evening: JO BLEEDIN' CALZAGHE V'S HOPKINS (cheating little gett).

Mates come around at 2 in morning (Mrs P - fed up with the racket - but manages to go to sleep). P's kids also stay up with pals to watch.

Hopkins knocks Jo down in Round One: a great over the top right: BRILLIANT. Like Little P - Jo drops his hand when jabbing - and got caught. P is mighty worried by this and goes quiet for a few rounds (Mrs P is in bed and P is afraid of her wrath in the morning). Mates are too loud all the way through - P says "please lads be more quite" - but starts to sound like an old woman - and so gives up nagging. Buggers dont listen anyway.

But then Hopkins cheats all the way through - holding on - pretending he is hurt by low punch in round 11 and takes a big breather - what a dick, what a spoiler and Nobb.


Jo Calzaghe - the greatest British boxer we have ever had - wins in Las Vegas - he's much better than that over-rated Ricky Hatton - with his entourage of Manchester Drunk football fans.


Sunday - P takes other Kid to County Boxing training.

Followers of The P - that is it


Mr Pineapples said...
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Mr Pineapples said...

P - thanks for this post - it is entertaining and enlightening.


Anonymous said...

Somehow, Mr P, I cn't see yu giiving up the Barristeral Bit for a life more ordinary - your Id, to say nothing of your Ego, would likely starve to death!!
I fully concur with your opinion as to the sttus of Mr Calzaghe, not only is he ly the Greatest British boxer of all time, but he is also WELSH!!! :)

Mr Pineapples said...


No - the career chane beckons - it's up the chimney for The P.

Like the comment about the Welsh: a great boxing and sporting nation. Are you a welshie by any chance?

P is amazed by the folks who come onto this blog and who say NOTHING....too afraid !!

How can they remain so silent all of the bleedin' time? Have they no guts, spirit, sense of adventure? No opinions?

Are they content with just being....the silent lurkers??

Boxing must be discussed for goodness-sakes.

Anonymous said...

Up the Chimney, Mr P?! Sounds PAINFUL! Are you going to be a hanging on the door tenant of your chamberd or are you off to pastures new i.e to flog wine to the Italians/Snow to the Eskimos/Sand to the Egyptians?!
I am indeed Welsh, as Welsh as they come, and damned proud of it!
With respect to those who come to your blog and take a butchers but offer no comment, a friend of mine, a nurse who blogs as, er, a nurse has a rather eloguent term for such a specie of internet surfer : she calls them 'Blog Thieves'. Go Figure!

Chell said...

Hey there...thanks for the comment on my Blog..appreciate it and thought I would return the favour :)
Good on little P for winning his fight and for you for giving the good advice.
You've sure got a good Mrs for putting up with the noise at 2am!
Have a great week, hopefully with no court house delays!

Law Girl said...

I've stopped my lurking now and come up for air. Perfection cannot be hurried you know!

It would be quite something to see you in action and compare the barrister to the alter ego's bravado. But not knowing is half the fun. What would be even funnier would be the image of you skipping down the street arm in arm with mary poppins and a baaaaddd cockney accent!