Sunday, 11 May 2008


P's out of the corner - ducking, bobbing, weaving etc..
Leads with a right - it's outrageous
Two double jabs
P ducks, smiles, trash talk
A tripple combo: left jab, right over the top, left to the body
Bleedin' Brilliant
Flash of lightening
A blur
Canvas burning up

But what's happening?
Oh Me Gawd - P is on the ropes
Ah !
It's a strategy
Wow! P's not hurt...

Round Two:

P out, ducking, bobbing etc.......Oh...My Good Grief.....He's still on the ropes...and..Oh Bleedin' Hell... I am Fed up of this now...Can't be arsed with this no more...

Listen P Club it was fight night last night: Little P fighting in the Smoke.

He a mile. P kid outworked other kid - landed 3 times as many punches - supreme work rate - total fitness - guts.


But Fight Nights are pretty Krap.

And you need to hear this.

They are mostly Black Tie affairs - Fat, ugly getts, - eating steak dinners on little round tables, nipping out for a fag ever 10 minutes - pissed as newts...and giving over the top support for the home boys. Under their frilly shirts: the Union Jack ripped into their skins.


What is dire is the roping off of the ordinary Plebs (like Pineapples) away from the action, away from the gents in the suits. P is miles away from His kid.

So what does P do?

Well, where as most other plebs wear jeans and Hally Hansen jackets, P has smart shirt, glorious tie and nice trousers. Enables P to march right past officials, through roped off area, sauntering towards table.

The more brazen - the more believable.

Once in, P has the run of the place, swans around,stands next to the verbals.

By the time the Buggers have realised that P is not one of the bow-tie dicks, but an unwashed tattooed pleb - most of the fight has been seen and fimed.

There then follows an ugly few minutes as they try to escort P out of the roped off area.

It happens every bleedin' time.

During the arguments P always points out that it's His Kid that's Providing the entertainment - so He is staying put.

This brings at least 2 bouncers - but it buys more time. Eventually - whole gang of folks arguing with The P - about how these frilly geezers have paid - and here I am - cheating them - outrageous - no sense of decency - report Me to the authorities....blah bloody blah..


After all this bull-shit krap, P walks off - but whole fight filmed and later loaded down onto YouTube.

Many of the fighers are gypsy kids. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT AT ALL.

In fact gypsy kids (travellers) are the nicest kids you would hope to meet; it's the parents who are the nightmare: supreme drunkenness on the night and a tendancy to launch enthusiastic assaults on other gypsy families.

Last year there was a pitched battle involving four families which went on for over an hour in the car park after the show; police had to take them all away.

So THAT is a typical fight night.


But P's lad was such a great hands and a granite chin. It pays to do the road miles - more you do - the better you are in the ring. Much energy is lost through nervous tension - so having the fitness helps keeps the nerves at bay - there is no fear of tiring.



Mr Pineapples said...

P - we find this very helpful. Thank you for sharing this aspect of your world with us.

Android said...

What's the insurance like for boxers?

Anonymous said...

YAY, where you been Mr P???????

Sounds like an interesting night out!


Anonymous said...

My Dear P,
I cannot help but wonder whether you issued forth from your poor mother in fighting mode - life is one GIGANTIC quarrel!! No wonder you are Counsel- you are ideally suited to arguing for living, though I am faintly surprised that in the white heat of such argument, you dont actually lamp opposing counsel, or, indeed the judge, before bieng dragged off the jury by court officers with defiant cries of "Who's next then?! All together, or one at a time, I'm not bothered!!"
All things considered then,Who exactly is it that comes off the worse in these fight night encounters ? No, don't tell me, I already know its the bouncers.......

Mr Pineapples said...

Minx - secret is to get close to the Ring - in full view of the punters. Chances are that we may take a bit of a beating one night.

P took four of his lads with him on Sat' night - 4 supporters for our club (plus P) against 250 for the other club.

We were giving it loud verbals all night - it's a wonder the locals dont try and shut us up.

But on the night - passions are high and Mr P junior needs the verbal support.

It's called PASSION


Erica said...

way to go p kid!

my 7 year old does boxing, fucking amazing, a star in the making me thinks.

electro-kevin said...

I used to box in tournaments too. Dinner dance affairs always ended with scaffolders in pitched battles with builders.

Ju Jitsu or Krav Maga. Preferably Ju Jitsu - sporty, intelligent and quite street effective too, all ranges of unarmed combat are trained and no brain damage is inflicted (even good boxers can get brain damage - mostly during the training.)

In cage fights strikers usually lose to grapplers. So why not switch the lad now ? I'd take on most boxers but NEVER a decent grappler.