Saturday, 31 May 2008


It is so bloody trendy to knock the Yanks. To rave about their Iraq war and how fat the buggers all are. Okay the reason they care so much for their teeth is that they need them to eat all that food.

But - In the History of the World has there ever been a more BENIGN Superpower?


P has an American friend - only one (not got many friends anyway). But she is an absolute delight - I tell yea. Unpretentious, interesting, caring and ...well....just plain normal.

A breath of fresh air in fact. She is probably characteristic of the whole nation.

Ask yourself this: would you rather be friends with those lazy French? (More of this on another post). It's a no brainer.

Let's be honest, the Yanks try hard to be liked. For Goodness-Sakes they have learned our language - just to get along with us. That's how much they care.

We don't charge them money for using it and we should (a sort of rent) - but we don't because they are our friends and we let them off - we are proud of what they have achieved in such a short time with our encouragement.


Okay - so 97.3% of Americans are obese with 67.9% morbidly obese - but listen P Club.

America is NOT the cause of the world's problems - and idiots who say as much are.....just plain stupid...idiots. Like that Conceited Pillock George H Galloway. His Vanity....his vanity knows no bounds.

I just despise those fools who are so anti-American they are willing to embrace and give succour to Islamic Terrorism.


Those Islamic states would lock and torture every one of us for just being human. Islam? I am begining to dribble at the mouth with rage as I think of it.

Those women's rights groups who denounce Israel and big up Islam! They are to be pitied for their foolishness.

What utter utter tyranny. If God is in all of that then I am a bleedin' Monkey's Uncle.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran? Crazy Name - Crazy Guy. Is America the only nation who takes seriously his threat to obliterate Israel? (apart from Israel).

Anyways - let's give the USA a break eh?

Okay –

- so they believe every bleedin' word you say,and take everything literally;
- and are gullible as hell.;
- and they like eating burgers;
- and follow the most pointless "sport" known to man - baseball (only primary school girls play it England - it's called "Rounders")....

But at least they have done some good for this world...unlike those lazy self-loving French. What have they ever given the world...apart from indigestion?

This is real wisdom.


Mr Pineapples said...

You tell em P

The World needs Your wisdom

Anonymous said...

I love America. Vegas is cool.
Ok, not a fair representation of America but hey, it is a cool place.


Anonymous said...

My Dear P,
I must admit to some ambivalence where our colonial cousins are concerned.
On the one hand, My own American friends and acquaintances are not dissimilar to yours; they are erudite, intelligent, charming, incredibly polite and unfailingly generous; they are well travelled and well educated , and always a joy to be around.

On the other it is easy to see why America, as opposed to Americans (and I think that is an important distinction) is loathed in some parts of the world, chucking its not insubstantial weight about where it has no cause to other than in its own self interest, much like a rather overweight child chucking its toys out of the playpen when it cant get its own way.....

Mr Pineapples said...

Hey Skinny -P has nver been to the States.

But one day - He intends to make a trip. Somewhere like:

- New York
- Boston
- Deep South

Not so sure about Vegas - unless there is a boxing match at the time.

Mr Pineapples said...

Hey Minxy

Now - what is wrong with self-interest?

The Iraq invasion was indeed a mistake. But the reason for it had merit: to finish off what Dad Bush had failed to do.

We are all wise in hindsight.

Remember that Creep Oz Bin-Laden started the whole thing a few years back by bombing.

The Yanks had to been seen to be doing something.

We could yack all day about legitimacy but I am afraid when you are the superpower of the moment then legitimacy can take a backseat. It's called RealPolitik (or something like that).

I dont loath the USA - and I cant see how the toys and the pram analogy works - because 9/11 was a massive blow which required a massive response.

Iraq was perhaps that response - and perhaps it was the wrong target. But Al Q is now getting its arse well and truly kicked all around the world. And We must celebrate that.

Anonymous said...

My Dear P,

I do believe that America has long suffered from a tension between self interest and bieng seen as the world's leading, and now only, superpower. It seems to me that, as a country it yearns for a degree of isolation from the world's stage, yet has to reluctantly accept the fact that when it sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold.
As to Mr Bin Lid,let us not forget that he was to some extent an American creation, which came back to bite them in the bum with truly tragic consequences. I'm not too sure if Al Q'eda is truly getting the arse kicking it so richly deserves, because terrorist wars are so notoriously difficult to fight,and indeed to win, but strides have been made. Whether the Americans have the stomach for the long haul in the light of Vietnam remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

PS: If you ever go to America you simply HAVE to go to New York ! It is, as Dylan Thomas would say, an "ugly, lovely town"!

Mr Pineapples said...

Thanks for the thoughts Minx.

I have a few of Dylan's albums....that guy could sing.

Anonymous said...

You really are a ONE, Mr P!!

Make Mine A Pimms said...
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Dawtch said...

Well, I had no idea folks felt that way about us...what an eye opener. Quite frankly, most of the people I know don't agree with the actions taken by our government, and especially monkey-boy. I will be so GLAD when he is out of office. We actually have a countdown calendar at work.

Tom Evans said...

_ ____________ _
-_ __- -_ ¦_¦
-_- == 0
_- -_ _===
_- -____________-

Tom Evans said...

Dammit, that's so disappointing. I spent ages drawing that fish...

electro-kevin said...

I agree with you 100%

Idiots around me say "America is out of control and is frightening"

They have ten super-carrier battle fleets - TEN. We would have known about it by now if they were lunatics.

Never mind - the lefties will have the chance to make their minds up about which type regime is best when the Chinese have established themselves as top dogs.

Ms. Moon said...

I see that I am not the only one who notices that Americans can be obese, Mr. P.
Are you obsessed with Americans eating burgers?

Mr Pineapples said...

Hey Mamma


Why of course

Why not.

Americans need to start eating curry - Indian food is God's gift to the world.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh yes. Curry. I believe I've heard of that. It's hard, you know, to fit things like curry into our diet when we are forced by our very constitution to eat burgers twice a day.
We Americans must eat plenty of good, red meat in order to be strong enough to tell everyone else in the world what to do.
It's a hard job and we must fortify ourselves for the fights we face.